Indian Kala

About Us

About Us


We’re believe in something bigger than ourselves. India and its heritage.

We are here to celebrate India and take its glorious heritage to the women of the world through our colourful artisanal jewellery. This would make them look unique and beautiful while living a happy and stylish life.


Our vision is rooted in India’s legacy.

We aspire to be the most beloved global artisanal jewellery brand, defined by Indian heritage, enhancing the beauty, confidence, and uniqueness of women across the globe.


Our commitment is in the act, not just the words

To converge women across the world by spreading the message of Indian heritage rooted in artisanal jewellery.


We transcend creative boundaries.

Whatever we put our mind to, we put 100%. We work hard to transcend creative boundaries to give you the finest products that define excellence.

Driven by richness of India.

We’re driven by the richness of Indian Culture, Traditions, and Heritage.

Our quality is defined by genuineness.

Behind each product, we put our hearts, smiles, and genuineness that translates into exquisite craftsmanship.

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