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1. Acceptance of Terms

By using our website, you agree to follow these rules. If you don’t agree, please don’t use the site.

2. Ownership

All the pictures, designs, and stuff on our site belong to us or people who let us use them. Don’t use them without asking.

3. Product Details

We try our best to describe our products accurately, but things might change. Prices can go up or down, and we can’t promise everything is perfect.

4. Orders and Payments

When you buy something, it’s like asking us to sell it to you. We can say no for any reason. Payments are secure, and we don’t keep your payment info.

5. Shipping and Returns

We send things as quickly as possible, but sometimes there are delays. If you send things back, check our “Return and Exchange Policy” for the rules.

6. Privacy

Your privacy is important. We collect some info as explained in our “Privacy Policy.” By using our site, you agree to how we handle your data.

7. No Guarantees

We can’t promise the site will always be perfect. We’re not responsible if something goes wrong while you’re using it.

8. Changes to Terms

We can change these rules anytime. If we do, and you keep using the site, it means you’re okay with the new rules.

9. Get in Touch

If you have questions, reach out to us at: @Indiankala | +91 99201 89215

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