Indian Kala

The Artist

The Artist

The artist:
Sandhya Bhagat

A journey called India...

Moving through the horizons of Indian artistic traditions in the rich and cultured landscapes of India, Sandhya Bhagat, a devoted Indian artisanal jewellery artist started her journey with baby steps towards a strong vision for Indian art and heritage. It was early 2004, where she was slowly discovering her passion for this decade-long journey. The roots of this journey went back in 1999 where she took her formal education in commercial Art and dedicated her time and passion to hone her craft. Little did she know that this would turn her passion into a very known name as ‘Indian Kala’ 

The name Indian Kala was influenced by her mother Kalavati and fueled by love of India’s rich art heritage. As a devoted artist, Sandhya continues to seek inspiration from the 32 art traditions that she has discovered, as part of her work and passion. These traditions were existing before, only now these traditions are expressed with rich pieces of art in the form of artisanal jewellery. Sandhya continues to express her art with bright colours and stylised signature Indian patterns that celebrate India in all its glory. Her work is an ode to Indian art and heritage and a living essence of Indian traditional aesthetic craftsmanship. 

A tribute to womanhood...

Sensitive womanhood was a valuable gift received from Sandhya’s mother which was a living example of strong femininity. Sandhya inherited this understanding from her mother, celebrating not just the elegance but uniqueness of each and every woman adorned by beautiful jewellery. That’s why every piece of jewellery is unique and cannot be replicated to create that same experience again. It’s like experiencing her mother’s understanding with every piece of art she makes.


Art education: Diploma in Commercial Art (From L.S. Raheja School of Arts)


18 years of experience in media industry


The Bombay Swadeshi Store Western India House, Fort

LAUNCHPAD: Indiankala Jewellery Display in 2013

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